About Myself

Rajeev-picI am a dedicated person towards work, who likes to read economics, and equally make other to understand what economics is about, and I have completed my formal education in the same from Tribhuvan University of Nepal.

I am from Dang valley, in the Mid Western Development region of Nepal.

I was always very keen to work in the development field in Nepal, and I got chance to work in Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI). It is a “Think-Tank” of Nepal and an apex body of Nepalese Private Sector. Here I got many chances to learn policy issues of Nepalese Government and private sector development.
Being involved in CNI, I got chance to work in a project “Invest Nepal“, this is a information portal, which is intended to provide information about the investment procedure in Nepal to foreign as well as domestic Investor.
I was involved in “Go International Project“. This was EU supported project, based on CNI. This project helped in promoting NTIS-2010 identified 10 products in the EU market.

Mean while, I am engaged in some Higher Secondary School to facilitate students of 11 and 12 to understand Economics, situated in Kathmandu Valley.

I am Proud to be a facilitator to the students and a development worker of Nepal.


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